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On 24th of February, somewhere between 1am-4am, a huge raid happened on a server. This wasn't a normal raid as it was a raid from a certain community called 'The Gacha Community'. Their name comes from an online videogame called Gacha Life. *Kids can dress characters up and visit different scenes in GACHA LIFE. They can play eight games and earn gems, create brief character skits in Studio Mode, and chat with other players. In Life Mode, kids can establish friendships by letting game characters speak to them.* There was about 20 people with Gacha profile pictures and names that attacked a specific server called 'losers inc'.



Owner of the server 'losers inc.', Cainan, was in a different server which included a person called 'Kitten95067'. Once both were talking in server with other people, Kitten randomly brought up her depression, and talking about how it was like and saying that she was entlitled to stuff. Once explaining her 'depression', Cainan said that he doesn't think her depression is real and that she needs to cheer up, since there are many good things in life to expirience. Kitten took this opinion as a bold statement and a insult. Kitten began insulting Cainan that he is mean and etc.



On 23rd of February 2020, Kitten told people in her server to attack 'losers inc.', Cainan's server. The reason she attacked is because he doesn't believe in her depression even tho that topic was long forgotten and Cainan didn't mention it to anyone, so he wasn't disrespecting her. Then somewhere between 1am-4am on February the 24th, the attacks happened. Apparently 20 people (12 confirmed), started spamming 'losers inc.'. Since the server was protected, they figured out @everyone (a method to ping every single person on the server in Discord) was disabled, they started pinging induvidual users aswell as Cainan. They called people 'retards', 'fags' and told them to leave Cainan's server. They also singed song lyrics which reffer to karma. Over 650 pings were made.



After every mod woke up they started to delete these messages aswell as ban people (some have already left). Soon after Cainan saw this he had enough. He messaged every single person involved in the attack and swore they will pay back. Some Gacha users apologized and said they realize it was a stupid of them. Cainan forgave those people but some said that what they did was right. After Cainan heard all of this he decided to form a group called 'A.G.S' (Anti-Gacha Society). This group didn't hate users and communities of Gacha, but more those who were involved in the attacks and to users who did similiar thins (raids, mass spam, toxicity...). It is unknown how many members actually joined this group but 5 were confirmed. The group was created approxiametly at 7am and their attacks wouldn't start until 3PM. However, they didn't spam or raid their servers. Instead, they sent malicious links to those who were involved in the attacks and said that it was right what they did. These links were hidden as IP Grabbers. The group grabbed 4 people's IP's, which none were used in any bad way or given to other people. The apparent reason they grabbed people's IPs was to 'scare them'. It wasn't confirmed who was made these links and what site they leaded to but the site the IP Grabber service was used from was 'Grabify'. The 'war' ended at 5pm on February 24th 2020.



Kitten and Cainan settled to never talk to each other again to leave each other alone. They unfriended each other and went their seperate ways. Cainan's server is still operating and what happened to Kitten's server is unknown.

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